University Application Support

Pre-Evaluation of Application Documents, CV & SOP Preparation

To know you better and Explore possible options what career you want to pursue we provide you with free counselling session with our team member, so that you can make an informed decision of your career choices.
Depending on your academic background a concise evaluation is done and best universities /courses options are searched for you
You are also provided with the the information about the prerequisite examinations needed for admission in a German university
We help you in preparing all of your documents including CV and Cover Letters. We provide complete application support
  • First free consultation session to understand more about your academic and professional background
  • Sorting of best educational/professional options for you
  • Detailed explanation and discussions of certain prerequites ( Language training, preparation for English language exams, Application for APS certificate, exams etc)
  • Preparation of documents: CV, Motivation letter/ SOP, personal portfolio etc